Dr’s Elite Nutrition is a solid company that provides docs with simple but really effective ways to provide more value and solutions for their patients. There are a lot of different nutritional companies out there but DEN is different. They make it really easy for chiropractors to integrate nutrition into their practices in a fun, easy and profitable way. Choosing to work with DEN is a no-brainer for me and should be for any other health care professionals who are looking for a way to incorporate nutrition into their practices.

Dr. Chad M. Woolner,
Owner of Align Chiropractic
Meridian, ID

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I am always looking for new ways to help my patients who are in chronic pain. I was introduced to Dr’s Elite Nutrition and decided to give a few of their products a try. I have made the switch to OmegaMax for my personal Omega 3 supplementation and sell in my office. It’s easy to take, no bad after taste and the quality is second to none. I also started a few patients on InMotion, the bone and joint support supplement. All of the patients have reported decreased daily joint pain and stiffness. Dr’s Elite Nutrition is the real deal and I am excited to try more of their products!

Joe Denke, DC, CCSP
Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner
Select Spine & Sports Medicine

My clients have seen tremendous results with Dr’s Elite Nutrition products. My personal training clients with pain and stiffness in their joints saw significant improvement after taking InMotion and a combination of other custom product’s from Dr’s Elite. I recommend the Probiotic Complete and Colon Detox to all of my nutrition and training clients as a way to restore and maintain a healthy digestive system. My clients noticed reduced inflammation, a strengthened immune system and improved overall health. These are high quality products that produce high quality results.

Emily Keisler
NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Humana Wellness Consultant

It is difficult enough to stay ahead on current research and protocols for certain musculoskeletal injuries that I encounter in the office, that I really don’t want to worry about what supplements to use or carry depending on my patient demographics. Dr’s elite nutrition takes care of that for me and helps make my job easier and get a quality product to my patients at an affordable price.

Austin Reynolds, DC, LAT
Owner – Green Jay Performance and Pain Institute
Belton, TX

I was experiencing abdominal cramping, gas and a feeling of nausea for some time before seeking advice from Dr. Shaddock. He started me on Complete Probiotic and I had a drastic reduction of symptoms within one week of using the supplement. Dr. Shaddock has always been a very trustworthy physician with me and my family. The quality of this supplement mirrors the standards that Dr. Shaddock uses in his practice on a daily basis.

Amanda A.

I searched the internet for days, if not weeks looking for a provider in the Austin area that sold quality supplements/nutrition. I purchased the MultiBoost vitamin, which is Dr’s Elite Nutrition’s multivitamin. I have an increase in energy and my mental focus is much better after starting taking the vitamin daily.

Jason H.

If you are looking for a company started by the most caring provider I know, then look at Dr’s Elite Nutrition! The quality of Dr. Shaddock’s products are superior to any other supplement company I know. I have had great results with the Bromelain product for muscle inflammation.

Javi E

I was diagnosed with low Vitamin D levels by my Doctor. I have been taking Dr’s Elite Vitamin D for a month now and I have noticed my mood being elevated and I have more energy throughout the day.

Janet D.